Students dropping out


Not giving up Mr Broomes has helped several students into being able to graduate. According to the school district, graduation rates are increasing. "The first thing that I do is find out what's happening at school and why the student thinks that have to drop away. Thinking that it is a good option." Mr. Broomes stated.

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

High school can be a stressful time for students. Students may not be able to get along with others, and many face the problem of just completely lacking the interest for school in general. During these hard times, some students may think that the best option for them is to leave school or drop out.  According to Education Data, during 2014, around 7,000 students dropped out each day. Every student who has taken that route has had a variety of reasons that led them to that.

“No, I have never thought about dropping out. I never thought about dropping out because I want to go to college and get an education and use that education to get a job,” stated senior Raymond Asmakis.

An average high school student has about six to seven classes per day. This causes the individual to fall under pressure due to the thought of not being able to finish all the assignments. Homework can cause even more stress if students participate in extracurricular activities. Those may include sports, clubs, or jobs. The pressure that a student feels can make them not want to do assignments, which leads to their grades falling. This results in them to believe that it is better off for them to drop out of school.

Being able to get along with classmates and teachers can be a hard task for some. They are put in a classroom with about 23 students for at least 45 minutes. A student might reach their limits and resulting in classroom disruption. The student can have problems with a teacher for many reasons. They could have had a bad start when they first met. Some students could have a bad history with one another and not get along. The consequence of not being able to get along with other people usually leads to the student being either moved out of the classroom or spending most of the time in the office.

School in general can be quite uninteresting at times. For some though, it is completely hard to get their attention on what is being taught. In every classroom, there will always be students who will be bored by the lesson. Not only do they try to pay attention but they also try to do the work that is given to them when they are pressured or forced to do so. However, at some point those techniques will not work on those individuals. The things that they might find interesting and are focused on, may only be temporary.

“I think students would pay attention if there was more visual appeals, pictures, than text. Just making the lessons more interesting. One of my teachers made us more involve in the lesson rather than just us sitting in our seats,” stated junior, Julissa Valle-Garcia.