All about prom funding


Tristan Christensen, Staff Reporter

Playing For A Cause: Once a year the class boards put together the powderpuff game which attracts many students to join in on the fun. They are a huge success every year. “The games help us make most of our funding money,” stated Isabella Love, a junior class board member.

Funding for prom is a process that takes many months to assemble  and lots of hard work. Although prom is not until May 9, the fundraising takes many months.

The junior class board gains money by doing candy grams, carnations, selling snacks, putting on the powderpuff game, garage sales, Christmas wreaths, etc.

The sophomores on the board host fundraisers like a tailgate barbecue and carnations to provide money for their junior board. The junior class traditionally puts on prom for the seniors.

“When you’re in high school the two biggest nights are prom and graduation so we’re spending so much money and time on it because we want everyone to enjoys it and that it is really successful,” stated Ms. Granstad.

Another contribution to prom is supported by the junior class board that runs the Prom closet every year which provides donated, free prom dresses, shoes, jewelry, and suits to any student in need along with a free prom ticket. The Prom Closet is typically set up in a classroom on campus and other schools are invited to donate as well.

“I think being on class board is a lot harder then most people expect it to be, to actually get businesses to donate and practically beg them to donate can be difficult. Some other hardships are being able to get everyone on the board to agree on everything and it usually takes a very long time to decide what the theme of prom should be as well as actually putting it all together. The class boards are always in search of new people joining.” said Isabella Love, a junior class board member.

The funding, in general, starts at the beginning of the year kicking off with the powderpuff game and towards the end of the time frame of the funding. Each board brings in over a thousand dollars yet the overall cost of prom is at least $25,000 which brings in the stress of being able to raise enough money.

“A lot of people don’t know that what we sell and every cent we make at football games goes towards prom. The concession stands at the games that sell hates, cups, shirts, and other merchandise all contribute to the funding, ” said Victoria Markowski, a junior on the class board.