Potential for severe weather


Storm Prediction Center

Stormy Night: The front is currently producing lots of severe weather reports in the Southeast. The system has already produced cyclones across multiple states.

Noah Quillan, Editor-in-chief

A strong but brief cold-front will push through the area late tonight into early Friday morning. With wind gusts of over 40mph during the daytime without the storms, locals can expect even higher gusts as the band of rain comes through around 10-1 a.m. Bradenton is in the “slight” risk area of severe weather as predicted by the Storm Prediction Center. Local meteorologists say that the highest severe threat will be the wind, though an isolated tornado or two can not be ruled out. The front will bring a short but refreshing blast of cooler air Friday and Friday night, with temps not getting out of the 60’s during the day and bottoming out to the mid 40’s overnight.