Entertainment does not equal politics


High school students nowadays are growing up with social media and it can be easily influenced by their favorite celebrities who preach their political opinions on different platforms. However, this may not be the best place for these students to be getting this information.

People can vote at the age of 18. As students continue through their four years of high school, they need to formulate ideas that they believe are correct and will help better the country, not information that they think is right purely because their favorite TV/movie actor believes it. The problem lies between separating fact from fiction for the soon-to-be-voters to conjure worthwhile opinions.

Dread Carpet- The Academy Awards lately have been pretty clean of politics. Before the Academy cut away a host for the ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel was the host two years ago, who couldn’t think of anything funny, so he decided to poke fun at his country’s government instead. “I have to admit, in the past, the Oscars were cringy to watch because of the outpour of constant hate on our president, but the ceremonies have gotten a bit less vocally hateful, thankfully,” stated Ethan Hudson, a senior at Cardinal Mooney.

One thing most high school and college students know about is the entertainment industry. They know about the latest movies, even if they have not had the opportunity to see them. Through social media, they see and hear everything that goes on in Hollywood. They may know the actors and know the movies they have been in. They might even know a significant amount about their private lives.

Unfortunately, Hollywood has become way too political. It is impossible to get through an award ceremony these days without somebody making political comments. Many may wonder why this is. Actors and actresses have just as much political knowledge as everyone else.

The problem is, people can definitely be influenced by people they admire. This is understandable; actors can certainly be talented at what they do. For this reason, it is not outlandish to believe that a lot of young people get their “political” opinions simply by listening to celebrities they look up to.

Not only do celebrities preach their disdain toward political figures at award shows or on Twitter, but also through their work. Many Broadway musicals have added in lines that advertise the writers’ dislike toward the government; this could automatically lose the interest of much of the audience. People go to these shows and movies to be entertained, they do not go to hear more about the politics they already hear so much about.

“I once went to New York City with my family and we went to go see “Beetlejuice” the musical. It was an amazing show, truly, but they didn’t have to add in those political lines. The lines were not even that long or necessarily hurtful to anyone, but they also were not needed for the story of the play. By doing that, they may have angered a large fraction of their audience,” stated Hannah Ray, a senior at the University of Michigan.

Young people may not think this is such a problem but it definitely can be if the wrong information is being said to the world by these celebrities. The more vocal personalities seem to show their anger at the government. Robert De Niro is a well-respected actor but he continuously takes his political views too far. He hates President Trump so much that he tends to rant and rave and never provide solutions. So even if he finally settled down and had some meaningful information to give, it may be difficult for people to sit down and listen to what he has to say.

It does not matter if the person is liberal, conservative, or neither. However, it certainly appears that part of Hollywood has gone off the deep end. There are liberal celebrities who express their politics in a classy manner, and there are conservative celebrities who quietly support their beliefs. It would be fantastic if all of Hollywood could be like this instead of aggressively pushing their beliefs on others. Instead of telling people how much they hate someone, it would be best if they explain why they believe what they believe. It would also be great to hear what they are doing to help. Gary Sinise, the guy who plays Lieutenant Dan in “Forrest Gump,” is a conservative who has a foundation to support veterans, first responders, and their families. Ellen DeGeneres is liberal and has a fund that supports the conservation of endangered species. It is easy to support both of those agendas.

Maybe it is President Trump, however, it is hard to recall if conservative celebrities complained so dramatically about former President Obama. They may have disagreed with him but they showed him respect. Perhaps conservative celebrities as a majority are more respectful. Regardless of the truth, it may always be somewhere between the extremes. It would be amazing to return to a more respectful and productive discourse in Hollywood entertainment. What is going on now in Hollywood will not help future voters. The high school students of today should get their information from a variety of sources and double-check the information to form an opinion.