Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Leah Cumberland, Staff Reporter

The 2020 boys varsity lacrosse team is going out with a bang this year, already winning one of their first home games. There are 28 boys on the team this year and they are ready to dominate this season.

The boys head varsity coach this year is Many Cruz. Cruz played for three years at SUNY Cortland and was a member of the D2 National Championship Team in 1975. Cruz and his family moved to Florida in 1976. He finished school at USF, where he and his brother led the team to  back to back two year State Club Championship, winning one. Cruz got into coaching while at USF. He has also coached middle school teams in Lakewood Ranch, and after two years, he moved up to coach high school where he coached at Sarasota Military Academy and St. Stephens. Head Coach Cruz is assisted by Steve Asroff and Scott Kallins this season.

“I’m really excited for this season, and I’m ready to give it all I’ve got for senior year. Hopefully, we can come out with some wins this year and show what we’ve got on the field,” said senior captain Ryan Ciolino.

2020 Boys Varsity Team Roster

#         Name                           Grade

1          Michael Fendy           10

Look fierce, play fierce : The boys pose for their first official team picture of the 2020 season. The boys first game was held on Feb. 18th against Sarasota High School at the Hurricanes Stadium. “I’m excited to play one last time with these boys, most of us played wildcats together in middle school and I’m looking forward to playing with them again,” said senior captain Logan Cumberland.

2         Charles Gonzalez       10

3         Dylan Bell                    10

4         Riley Noris                  11

5         Jasper Turner            10

6         Ian Funtal                   11

7         Tim Miley                    9

8         Ryan Murdoch           9

9         Evan Scalone              10

10       Noah Costello             10

11        Ryan Ciolino               12

12        Lennon Thorne          11

13        Andrew Zoller            10

14        Ayden Bassett            9

15        Charlie Faul                9

16        Elias Fitzsimmons     11

17        Lane Lehto                   10

18        Logan Cumberland    12

19        Cole Murphy                10

20       Brian Ackles                 12

21        William Jackson         9

22        Tyler Parker                12

23        Jackson Seery             10

24        Wesely Choate            9

25        Enrique Schenkel       11

James Balzer

Mason Cadmus

Malachi Ligon