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Tori Watson, Staff Writer

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By: Tori Watson, Journalist

On Dec.5, 2017 Willie Taggart was announced the new head coach of Florida State University and would be replacing Jimbo Fisher. In Taggart’s junior year he led Manatee High School to a 5A championship and won the state title.   Taggart was a dedicated hardworking student, and it showed on and off the football field. 


His high school coach Frank Turner had all positive things to say about his remarkable success, here is a question answer session about Taggart.


Q; What was Willie Taggart like as an student athlete at Manatee High School?

A; He was a solid student athlete never struggling with his academics we never had to worry about him being eligible.


Q; What do you attribute to Taggart’s success?

A; He worked hard in practice and stayed very focused on what we were teaching him to be successful.


Q; What would you say was the most appealing about Taggart’s personality?

A; People generally liked him he had a way of connecting with people in a very friendly way fellow students and teammates.


Q; Do you find it surprising that Taggart ended up to be a head coach at a successful college?

A; Not at all he became a student of the game and took what we taught him and applied it to the next level. He had an extremely strong desire to be the best and succeed at a very high level. Willie was one of the most prolific players to succeed and move on from our program. I loved coaching him he was a joy to be around. We have had some very successful players at Manatee he was one of the best.








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Tori Watson is a sophomore at Manatee High School, she enjoys reading and participates in the National Honors Society. She loves to scrapbook in her spare...

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