Decades of alumni association history


Manatee Memorabilia Macohi's are always a favorite in the gatherings. Before the Macohi used to be printed. "Over the years, the Macohi has gone strictly to digital. Which is so different from back then." stated Keller.

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

The Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization that has been a significant part of Manatee since 1987. The association has helped many graduates stay connected with their friends and be able to relive memories. It keeps records of people who have passed away, those who have done military service, and the lost alumni. For the lost alumni, they provide the date that they graduated and their names.

They provide a newsletter to the members every month, which informs members on events that might soon be happening. They also show the names of the alumni that have been nominated for the “Outstanding Alumnus Award.”

For the past two years, former students have coordinated two class reunions. The first reunion was for everyone who graduated in the 1940s, and last year’s was for everyone who graduated in the 1950s, which was held here at school. Last year’s seniors gave the graduating class a tour of the school. This year’s reunion is for everyone who graduated in the 1960s.

The association has scholarships for current students as well, which can be explained more in depth by Mrs. Norris at the College and Career Center. The scholarships are in the name of honor of former teachers; one that can be found on the website is the E. James Forssell Music Scholarship Fund; established in 1993. It helps provide financial aid for the students who plan to pursue music. Another one is the Andrew & Judith Economos Scholarship, which is awarded to a senior who is interested in STEM-related fields.

The board of directors for the association has seven members, including John Vita, the president; Linda Boone, the secretary; and Carolyn Keller, the treasurer. The members graduated range from 1956 to 2004.

Carolyn Keller graduated in 1960 and got involved with the Alumni Association 10 years ago. Her job for the association is to keep all of the records as well as memorabilia. She keeps all the memorabilia in her house due to the lack of an office.

Keller stated that both the school and society had changed so much over the past years.

“We couldn’t text anyone; we had to use a payphone if we wanted to call anyone. We as well didn’t have as much as freedom as students have now. When I was a student, we didn’t have air conditioning so the windows were all open every day,” stated Keller.

There is no cost to be an alumnus. Those interested can register either online or when the association comes with forms during graduation rehearsals.

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