Crazy homework excuses

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By: Bella Love, Blurbs Editor

What’s the craziest excuse you’ve given to get out of a homework assignment?

“Over spring break I went to Berlin and forgot I had Homework to do, so when the teacher asked I said I left it in Germany.” -Wayne A.

“I played basketball with it! I was cleaning out my bag and threw it away by accident.” -Anonymous

“I told my teacher I thought I had Ebola so I could get out of homework.” -Ladayle C.

“I didn’t do my homework because I was eating.” -Jai’Lyne C.

“I was gonna do it but then I couldn’t find my backpack and then I was looking for it in my closet, walked too far and ended up having to fight in the war with the people of Narnia.” -Hannah B.

“I came up with a super elaborate lie about the bus being late.” -Kelsey B.

“Everyone has 24 hours in a day but everyone uses it differently.” -Emily B.

“I said a family member died in a tornado recently.” -Theodore B.

“One time I spilled orange juice all over my bag so I could have an excuse for not handing in my homework.” -Katie J.

“I woke up late and left my binder at home.” -Reanna W.

“I once said I was too sick to even grab my homework.” -Siobhan B.

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Crazy homework excuses