Quarantine puts hold on season but not the will for success


Mary-Grace Graham, Editor

With the sudden change in everyday life, many adjustments have been made. Track and field, along with other spring sports have had to make lots of adjustments to their schedule. Currently, all spring sports have been put on hold until May 3, 2020, though that date is subject to change. As for practices, no official practices can be scheduled until that date. However, athletes can workout on their own using workouts coaches as a guide.

Coach Rae Ann Darling Reed, the distance coach for track and field has been posting workouts for the team to use as a guide if they choose to continue working out during this time.

“Many of our runners are still out there running on their own because it is part of who they are,” stated Reed.

These workouts are similar to those done throughout a normal season but with adjustments to make the workouts easy to do at home with minimal equipment and easy distance measurements.

While the track season has not yet been cancelled completely, many believe that this possible false hope is not fair to athletes and coaches.

“It’s like dangling a carrot out in front of us over a month in the future,” mentioned Reed.

Many states have already cancelled their spring seasons altogether, providing clarity for everyone. Though it is not looking too favorable for these spring athletes, there is still some hope and excitement.

“I’m hoping still for some postseason races in the summer, but excited to gear up for cross country if not,” stated sophomore Caroline Lehman.

Despite all of this, the track season was successful.

“Personally, I am really satisfied with this track season. I worked really really hard,” recalled junior Tessa Mahurin.

Many PRs (personal records) were set and it has definitely been a season to remember, regardless of the decision the FHSAA makes.

More information and updates can be found at https://www.fhsaa.org/

UPDATE: Unfortunately, all spring sports have been officially been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.