The effects of COVID-19 on students


Hit the Books Having a quite space where you can work at can help you stay focus. You can even set up your workspace at a different location. “Just having somewhere, where I can study is better for me” stated freshman, Gerald Campbell. picture credit:

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

Across America, thousands of schools have closed down temporarily or for the remainder of the school year due to the outbreak of COVID-19. They have now transitioned both students and teachers to online school. This transition during the last couple of months of school can be quite overwhelming for several students, teachers and even parents. It can be overwhelming due to students not only having to do school work online but also not being able to have interaction with teachers as they used to.

“By not going to school, I am being affected by having minimal social interaction with anyone other than my family. My motivation to do school work has decreased,” stated freshmen Angie Marroquin.

A negative impact on students having to do school from home is that they are now required to sit at a computer for many hours a day. This can cause many to be tired and feel pressured or stressed. Some things that students can do to help feel less stressed, is to take small breaks from time to time. They should have a workspace of their own and have some type of way that can help stay on top of their assignments, like keeping a planner. It is important to have a routine, for example have a nutritious breakfast to provide energy for the day.

Even though it may be quite hard to understand the work that teachers have given, many are providing resources that may help. Teachers are setting up conferences and are walking through concepts step by step on what and how to do the assignment.

In addition, to this not only are students feeling stressed but even now some are losing motivation to do any of their school work. This can all begin by how their grades are. If their grades start dropping they feel as they shouldn’t even try or do any work.

Furthermore, many students believe that by not being at school that they areĀ  missing out on their “high school experience.” Many seniors are not only worried about not being able to have a proper graduation and graduate with their friends, but also that their last year was cut off short.

However, there is also a positive side to transitioning into online learning. Students can have the opportunity to do the work in the amount of time that it is needed. Such as doing the work whatever time works best for them. Many teachers are giving students to submit all their work by Sunday of each week at 11:59 pm. It also allows students to wake up later than usual.

“I do like being able to wake up and get enough sleep, I also like being able to manage my time. . . I put on music, set timers, and call my friends,” stated sophomore Galena Vang.