Canes in Quarantine

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The Coronavirus is a pandemic that has affected not only every studentin Manatee County but every student in the country as wellAll Florida schools have switched to online learning as of Mar 30 and are mandated to continue E-learning until the end of the 2019-2020 school year, which is May 28. With students doing at home learning all exams for this year have been canceled for this year, and EOC’s are postponed until the fall. Graduation has also been postponed for the class of 2020. For Manatee High School students, graduation will be held on Aug 1 at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Many parents, who are alumni, and the students are extremely disappointed that the graduation will not be held at their home stadium.

The question most parents have, “How are my students doing with online learning, and is it any different than what they are doing in the classroom?” Doing classes online is much different from the traditional everyday classroom, there is no structure and students are required to create a schedule to get things done. With only having 50 minutes in each class every day, students can only get so much work done. From personal experience, some teachers are giving out work that would take more than one day to finish in class. Having to adjust to online school so quickly was already a struggle when this first started. Now with certain teachers putting more work on the students than what they normally do is even more stressful for them.  

Many students are in a household where they must share laptops with their siblings and only get so much time to do their assignments. Internet connection is also a problem for some students. Some families do not have an internet connection at their house, which puts students at risk of not being able to complete their assignments online. SDMC offers internet access, but the times are limited and the places are not convenient for everyone.  

This pandemic is a huge learning experience for all teachers, parents and students. I think that there is room for improvement in case this doesn’t get better or if another pandemic happens again in the future.