Keeping occupied in quarantine


During these trying times, many are struggling to find things to do. As the world has hibernated for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak, many are finding themselves stuck indoors. This problem can be easily solved. While many may find this time monotonous, there are in fact many activities that can be done around the house to effectively kill boredom.



1.     Learn a skill. Most people have a few aspirations that be achieved with the extra time many now have at home. With online resources like YouTube, Wikipedia, WikiHow, and Skillshare, it is easier than ever to learn or hone a skill. Most of these resources are free, too, so meaning anyone can learn how to cook, develop piano skills, or learn how to program without spending a dime.

2.     Take up a hobby. Going hand-in-hand with learning a new skill, taking up a hobby is a healthy way to pass the time. Be it gardening, knitting, building models, etc. finding something that one can regularly keep up with and enjoy can be another entertaining option to pass the time.


3.     Invest in stocks. Investing is a great way to make money, and one does not need a lot of money to get a solid start. Before getting into the complicated world of investing, however, a lot of research should be done. Bad investments are a quick way to lose money, but thankfully usually does not take much investigation to know how reputable a company’s track record is.


4.     Take online classes. During times like these, many will choose to further their education by signing up for courses on FLVS, Duolingo, Khan Academy, and other learning-focused websites. Being quarantined means more time can be put toward classes that can improve a GPA or teach a new skill.


5.     Exercise. With all this extra free time, many are spending their days lounging around. For others, however, now is the time to get their summer body on early. For those people, there are many workouts that they can do themselves, including push-ups (including variations like inclined and declined push-ups), sit-ups, planks, anything working with weights (just substitute the weight for something heavy like a book or gallon of milk/water).


6.     Do yoga. Yoga is a great way to improve mental and physical wellness. The postures and breathing exercises practiced in yoga are an excellent way to increase flexibility, lose weight, improve muscle tone, boost confidence, and manage the stress that 2020 has caused.


7.     Meditate. Like yoga, meditation is often used to improve mental health because of its usefulness as a device to manage depression and anxiety. The two are often paired for even greater benefits, which would bode well, especially now.


8.     Talk with friends over the phone. With quarantine comes a lot less socializing, and a lot more social isolation. Keep up with friends over social media, or talk to them over Facetime or Discord. Now is a good time to rekindle an old friendship or two.

9.     Clean/reorganize your house. Keeping a clean living space often means reduced stress and increased productivity, and times like these are perfect for cleaning the house and getting other menial tasks done. Maybe there is a closet that needs decluttering or a floor that needs vacuuming. Maybe the layout of a room is getting stale and should be rearranged. Whatever the case may be, it might not be a bad idea to get it done now.


There is a multitude of things that one can do make their time in quarantine productive and fun. While 2020 continues to take its toll on the rest of the world, hopefully, someone can find tranquility in something suggested here. After the world has ended, maybe they can emerge from the rubble of society a more talented and refined version of themself.