Caring for Canes


Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief

This year may not have turned out as expected, but one thing remains the same, this year marks the 100th edition of the Cane Echo Yearbook. Even though the school year got cut short, the first half was still full of memories that have been captured in the Cane Echo, so sales online are continuing as usual, but with a small twist.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic being hard on family income, the yearbook staff have started the Caring4Canes initiative. This allows students to purchase a yearbook for a senior who is not able to purchase one, so that no senior misses out on the memories they made their final year at Manatee.

Order a copy of the yearbook today here. If you would like to purchase a yearbook for a senior who cannot, please enter the code Caring4Canes at checkout.