Student Council Elections

In our new normal of Covid-19, our student council representatives had to make elections and campaigning online this year as well. Students who had the intent to run had to turn in their filled out applications via Schoology. Once all of the applications were sent in, Mr. Ferrera held two different conferences going over the rules for senate and what to expect if you get voted or appointed into the class.

Campaigning for students who were running for any student council position was April 27 through May 1 and voting was May 4 through May 10. The students who were running for positions posted digital flyers on their social media platforms and had to submit a flyer to Mr. Ferrera on Schoology so more students could view it. Along with students having to do digital campaigning, students who ran had to send in rather a video of themselves, or an essay answering around 10 questions about who they are, why they want to be in senate, how they would benefit student council and how would they be a leader in school and in the class.

Students who ran are:

Executive Board:                                                                                Senior Class Board:

President- Mary Grace Cucci                                                           President-Charles Halfacre

Vice President- Sophia Belsito                                                        Vice President-Erin McAleer

Corresponding Secretary- Evan Reid                                            Secretary-

Recording Secretary- Jenna Nimer                                               Treasurer-

Treasurer- Madelyn Rogers, Natalie Blair                                   4* Senators-Isabella Love, Lilah Bowers, Merna Gorgy,                                                                                                                                                Reagan Capozella

Junior Class Board:                                                                           Sophomore Class Board:

President- Olivia Zeppi, Charlie Gonzalez                                    President- Mason Cadmus

Vice President- Jemmo Joseph,                                                      Vice President- Bella Rosa

Angee Reyes-Napoles                                                                        Treasurer- Natsha Vibhakar

Treasurer- Jordan Rydzinski                                                            Secretary- Sadie Johnson

Secretary- Lily Suedhof, Cole Murphy                                            4*Senators- Penelope May, Emma Winfield, Oscar                                                                                                                                                     Carrilo, Cameron Murphy           4*Senators-Ryan Anderson, Devin Calderon, Michael Colaco,

Leah Cumberland, Sam Formosa,Justina Real, Tommy Zinna

Results for running positions are still to come.