Art Cycle. Ms.Link’s s students work on their projects. Senior Kaitlyn Delgadillo enrolled in four art classes and ended up in Business Management and Law. “It would have been beneficial to them (administrators) since they wouldn’t have to have stuff piling over them when they could have just done it sooner.” Senior said Delgadillo about the administration failing to pre plan class cancellations.

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Rushing to make school safe for student’s return, many sacrifices made on all fronts to ensure that a sustainable learning environment caused a loss of courses. From mask requirements and social distancing, to different learning modules and seating arrangements, coming back to school has generated lots of stress for everyone. However, one of the reasons for so many student’s distress is the cancellation of their classes, like Theater and Driver’s Ed.

The removal of most art classes has caused a ruckus throughout the school. The cancelled classes include Art 2-D Comp 1, Ceramics, Digital Photo, Drawing, Painting, Portfolio and TV Production. Now students and teachers are trying to cope with these sudden changes that have entierly altered their schedules.

Kaitlyn Delgadillo is a senior, and a lot of her schedule consist of art classes. Yet, what separates her from other art students is the importance of these classes in her final year. “Well, one of the things I was trying to do for these classes that I was trying to pick, they all had something I wanted to have in my portfolio for school, for art colleges,” said Delgadillo. After high school, she plans on going to art school and  make a career of it, which is difficult when she can’t take the courses she needs to prepare for applications. When asked about canceled art classes, Delgadillo replied, “It was more like taking one step forward and two steps back, you know? There’s like this whole new opportunity of us being able to actually get even better equipment and better stuff for us to learn…like two, three years ago, there wasn’t even a Painting II, until recently… it wasn’t till now that we were able to do that (new art classes) and they still cancelled it.”

Lets Van Go Link’s Portfolio Honor’s class, which focuses on value and composition, which builds upon Art 2-D. Finished watercolor paintings displayed on the walls. “We give our advanced students the supplies and materials needed to create their art.”

Then when asked if she wished that she was informed prior to the first day of school about art cancellations, Delgadillo stated, “Yes, because now we have no idea what were doing, and  most of the classes we’re expected to have are now canceled. So, now were just in this weird state of trying to change our classes when we should have been able to do that, or they would have informed us sooner before the school started. So that way there wasn’t this much people asking for their scheduled to change.”

Teachers in the Art Department were also faced with these sudden changes that interrupted their plans for students. For a start, each teacher was assigned to teach either Online, Hybrid, or Five-Day students- with Bilter teaching Hybrid, Reiber teaching Five-Day, and Link teaching Online. “You can’t use any of your previous work. You really had to start everything from scratch, so that made it harder…And we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare,” Link explained, after being asked how teaching this year was more difficult. Then, when asked how much time teachers got to learn about changes and prepare, Link stated, “When we returned to school (they learned about cancelled art classes two weeks before school was set to begin)… Obviously we weren’t happy about it. But we understood, you know, why they had to do it.”

Art Rocks! Art assignments still create joy. Students put into Ms. Link’s Portfolio Honors turn in their “Where is my mind?” projects and started on a new artwork. “right now the students are working on design rocks for the Humane Society of Manatee County, as part of our community outreach,” Link expressed.


“Well, we have added the Portfolio Honors class for any student that lost a class that was in honors or advanced classes,” stated Link as an accommodation of the circumstance. Delgadillo is now placed in this course, so she could continue to learn art in an advanced environment. “What they’ve (art teachers) been doing recently is one of the classes was like a free period for one of the teachers, so they took the opportunity to take anyone who’s already experienced in art and has transferred them in here,” here stated Delgadillo.

For those students still upset that their art classes got cancelled. Link stated, “…we’re gonna add art club back, which we really didn’t have last year.” in which she is looking to hold on Wednesdays after school. If things continue to go smoothly, she also plans to request classes like Digital Animation, Gaming and AP Art to be added back to the schedule.