Safety Not Just a Football Position


Ladayle Clark, Staff Reporter

Football is going to be a lot different this year due to COVID-19. Here in Florida, football is a very significant sport. Having a good season last year, we will do even better, but we cannot talk about the season without talking about practice

This year football practice is going to be different without a doubt, but even with COVID-19 around, there are still a lot of athletes still playing football this year. The safety measures are not changed due to the coaches practicing safety measures being safe before COVID-19 even came around, so shout out to all the coaches. The coaches are in charge of making sure practice is safe for the players throughout the season.

Game On–  Hurricanes are practicing harder than ever, even with COVID-19 around. The first home game was canceled against Lakeland Kathleen due to the Coach having COVID-19.Head Coach Shakir, says” I am  just happy the students get a chance to play this year”.


The players are also responsible for their own safety. Even with COVID-19 around, the students are going to have to play their best this season. Hopefully the Hurricanes will be able to adjust through all the changes and have a great season.

Junior Derick Luis says, “Even though the virus is going around I feel the team is going to be better this year than last year.”

Thankfully the team is going to have a season this year, and it did not get canceled. The team is working very hard this year, and it will pay off. The team wants to be the best they can be and play the best they can. Hopefully, the players have a successful and safe season!