Fire and Lock Down Drills in the age of Covid

Fire and Lock Down Drills in the age of Covid

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Students have to get use to a lot of changes this school year, and they will find another change coming up soon- fire drills and lock down drills while social distancing.

“Because we had to separate the campus we can’t do campus wide fire drills anymore. Alright, this month we’re gonna do this building and sometimes it’s the whole building, sometimes it just the first floor. Sometimes it’s the second floor,” stated Eric Silinzi, a dean.

From the first fire drill in building nine, administrators instruct teachers and students to exit the building one class at a time at meet at the evacuation spot. Once outside, students

Student Amusement. A single class of students in Building Five heading to their designated stop. After they’re outside for a minute they return to the classroom. When asked why only one class at a time, Silinzi stated, “We have to limit it (the number of classes and buildings doing fire drills.)”

are told to stay six feet apart and wait; but because all buildings aren’t partaking in the drill there will be no intercom announcement saying to reenter the building. Instead administrators will inform teachers, who will guide students back to class.

“now when we get to Building Eight, Building Two, Building Three, we can’t do the whole building. so, what were gonna do is, we’ll do like the first floor one particular month. We’ll do the second floor another month.”

And lock-down drills are less interactive since students could not fit into the hard corner without keeping six feet distance. So far lock-down drills have consisted of teachers covering windows, turning the lights off, and students sitting at their desks continuing classwork quietly. Silinzi then moved on to Lock-down drills, “Same thing with our drills for lock down drills,we can’t have everybody huddling up in the corner of the room.”