Running in Cross Country


Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

Football is commonly seen as a brute force, heavy lifting, high effort sport. However one sport that doesn’t get as much attention, Cross Country, requires a lot of practice and effort as well. Running long distances, believe it or not, can be very strenuous and hard to do. Because of this scoring high at a meetup is a big deal to coaches and participants alike, and leads to some competitive races that get down to milliseconds between runners. To find out how a runner feels on and off the track, Ethan Clark interviewed Caroline Lehman, a recent high scoring Manatee High runner.

*Start of recording

Ethan: “What goes into your practice schedule? How do you plan to practice off season?”

Caroline: “I Just do a lot of long runs everyday, like 6 miles”

Ethan: “Wow, do you practice with anyone? if so, Who?”

Caroline: “Typically I don’t practice with anyone, but I think this time I will cause I met new people on the team.”

Ethan: “What goes through your head when you’re running?”

Caroline: “I don’t really think of anything, it just kinda happens, I just start running. I get a sense of victory at the end of the race”

Ethan: “What caused you to want to get into running?”

Caroline: “I just always liked running in elementary, so then I did it in middle school, and it was like a good way to stay fit.”

Ethan: “What do you think about when you win a race?”

Caroline: “I’m always happy but I know I’m gonna have to keep working if I want that to stay.”

Ethan: “How long do you plan to keep doing this for?”

Caroline: I’m going to do it all for all 4 years of high school, and then we’ll see from there.
*End of recording

Cross country is different from many other sports, there is no ball or puck, no physical player contact, but as Caroline Lehman said, you have to keep working if you want your title to stay.