COVID vs. Classroom: Maintaining Class Sizes

Denny Lu, Editor

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, students and staff are doing their best to adhere to the safest practices during this unprecedented age. This includes maintaining certain class sizes to promote social distancing and limit any prolonged contactbetween different individuals. A test of this challenge is in the story of Manatee’s Pre-Calculus Honors class. Working hand-in-hand with students, parents, and teachers; Manatee High School’s administration constantly re-evaluating what is safest for students on campus. Alongside District and State protocols, our school hopes to encourages safe distancing while effectively providing instruction to students.

Learning Together, Socially Distant. Students of Ms. Granstad’s Pre-Calculus Honors class are working on their daily assignments while staying spread out. Despite the class being close to capacity, everyone managed to keep their distance. “I am ready to learn,” Megan Watters  (11) said.