Down to a fine art


Conner Sauer, Staff Reporter


For Wayne Abbott (11), one of the most thrilling aspects of art is taking someone’s idea and expressing it for them.

The junior likens it to taking someone’s imagination and making it tangible for the viewer.

“If someone asks me to draw something and I draw it for them, it’s like I’m putting their thoughts and their creative imagination onto paper for them, so that they can see it in front of them,” Abbott said. “I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to different things that they like.”

The imaginative Abbott has been drawing for more than half of his life. During these eight years exploring his passion, he has enrolled in most of the art classes his schools had to offer. But Abbott said he realized how little he had learned when he came to high school and enrolled in 2-D Studio Art, taught then by Jon Scott.

Mr. Scott taught Abbott for two years in both Art 2-D and drawing classes and immediately admired the student’s “good attitude and great focus,” as well as his “outstanding artwork” and great ideas. In Mr. Scott’s 2-D Studio art class, Abbott learned the fundamentals or principles and elements of art.

Once Abbott had those basics down, his true creativity was unleashed.

“After that, it’s a lot more one on one working with him, working on what he wants to do,” Mr. Scott said.

The art teacher pointed to Abbott’s artwork “great ideas” — critical in the art field — and his student’s “great compositional skills, and he uses his colors well.”

Those abilities could all come into play if Abbott can fulfill his dream of pursuing an art career, something he has wanted since he was a child. The pinnacle would be working to help create a video game, Abbott said.

“I want to get heavily into graphic design and game design,” he said. “I try to make myself adept at most arts that I can get myself wrapped around at this age.”

Abbott said he wants to attend Full Sail University in Orlando: “If you want to pursue art, any type of art that’s where you want to go,” he said.

The artist says he has never had a concrete style. In his own words, his style is “all over the place.” He has never been able to pick a specific drawing technique because he opts to change it in short order every time he does.

“I can’t pick a style,” he said, adding that he takes a lot of inspiration from video games and the anime that he watches. He enjoys creating his own characters.

Popular Irish animator Chris O’Neill, who goes by the online moniker “OneyNG,” has dramatically influenced Abbott, the artist said. O’Neill, who has amassed 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, has become an important member of the animation and video game communities.

Abbott says O’Neill inspires him in the sense that his animations are entertaining and chaotic. “I like his personality; I like how he makes skits. Funny little stuff — it doesn’t have to matter or make sense,” Abbott said.

Though Abbot has not had any professional art instruction outside of school, he already has a vote of confidence from his former teacher.

“As soon as Wayne wants to start charging for his art,” Mr. Scott said, “he can become a professional.”