Homecoming week themes

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Homecoming week themes

Noah Quillan, Editor-In-Chief

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By: Noah Quillan, Editor-In-Chief

During the week of homecoming, which is Sept .24-28, students are allowed to dress accordingly to the theme for that day. Hats will be allowed as long as they are in correlation to the outfit. Each day, the best outfits from each class will be allowed to go down to the Davis Theater to take their picture with other people that dressed up. The overall theme is shipwreck, so the themes revolve around that in some form or another.

Monday – Washed Ashore – dress as though you were just in a shipwreck

Tuesday – Under the Sea – dress up as a sea animal

Wednesday – Sea People – dress up as any person of the sea (surfer, sailor, pirate mermaid…)

Thursday – Lost as S.E.A. – dress up as anything starting with S, E or A (Superhero, Elvis, Alien…)

Friday – Oh Say Can You SEA – Color Wars!- freshmen wear white, sophomores wear red, juniors wear blue and seniors wear red, white and blue!