Don’t Dote, Vote!


Youths in the booths. The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. election is almost due. Youth were targeted to become new voters. “It gives them (students) the first rights that they have as young adults.” stated Bilter Source: Google

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Being called ‘The Most Important Election of a Lifetime’, upcoming this Nov. 3 between President Trump and Former Vice President Biden will be one of the most dominant events to take place this year. Election years lead to increased voter registration, and this year it is no different. In the state of Florida, citizens have till Oct. 5 to register either online in person, or by mail. For many, the process of becoming a registered voter can be confusing and complicated. As the deadline to register approaches, students should learn their options to become a voter.

For students who are not concerned with voting or find it too much of a struggle, Jullisa Gonzalez (12) says, “I believe we can voice our opinions, in our communities as well.” Not to mention, many different organizations and groups are doing their best to make registering more acceptable attractive to the youth than ever before.

Mail Detail. This election will be Gonzalez’s first; she plans to vote by mail. The Manatee County Supervisor of Elections sent out pamphlets and stickers to people who voted by mail. “My parents definitely [Pushed her to vote]. because they vote, so, and I wanna be a part of that.”
“I knew once I turned 18 before the election I would be able to vote, and my friend showed me. I did it [registered] online.” Gonzalez stated when asked about why and how she became a voter.


Students can go to this site to register, find their polling location, how to vote by mail, and practice on a sample ballot. Students who don’t turn 18 till after the Oct. 5 deadline but before Nov. 3, they are still eligible to vote in the 2020 election. In order to vote, students must register before the deadline and have their registration accepted. On their 18 birthday, they will receive their voter acceptance form with their Voter ID Card.

Mailing in voter registration is a good idea during COVID-19 because it helps everyone social distance; however, this close to the deadline, it is better to register online or turn in your papers to the elections office. If you do use the mail to register, just make sure it is postmarked by the Nov.5. Stamps are required unless you receive voter registration which is labeled with “no stamp needed.”  For those who do not have the resources to deliver their mail to the elections office, students can get registered online at this site, if they have their social security number.

Mark Bilter encourages students of age to register to vote. He also gives out useful tips for first-time voters on election day. “I do it [vote] the old fashion way…and I always do it after school, there’s nobody there [at the polling location.]”

If students want to connect to their favored political party, they can visit either the Manatee County Republican Party for additional information on registering and how to request a mail ballot. For students leaning towards the left, Manatee County Democrats also help citizens of Manatee County register.

Students who register must be aware that any inconsistencies between their state ID and voter registration mean they can not vote and will be denied by a poll worker, or if they requested a mail ballot, it would not be processed. For instance, when students go to vote, they will be asked to give their signature, and if it doesn’t match their ID, they will not let them vote under their name. This is extremely important because any small mistake can cause one’s registration to be denied and need to be resubmitted. Hemet students need to make sure all information is correct before their registration papers are turned in.

If one ends up missing the deadline, that is okay- they can still support their fellow citizens and respect their choice and opinions on the upcoming election. And make sure to  register next time because, as Gonzalez put it, “a vote can make the change.”