Debatable Debate

Debatable debate. Nasty clashes between Trump and Biden through out the entire event. Many viewers said there were no winners from last nights debate. Source:

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

President Trump and former Vice President Biden met in Cleveland on Tuesday, Sept. 29, for the first Presidential Debate of 2020. The night included an onslaught of topics ranging from the Supreme Court nominee, Covid-19, the economy, racism in America and the voting integrity.

Not soon after the start, the debate transformed into a war of words and interruptions. Trump started interrupting Biden, to which the latter retaliated by calling Trump names and telling him to “shut up,” and before long, the debate started going off-topic. Biden brought up the allegation of Trump calling U.S. soldiers “losers” and mentioned his late son Beau Biden who fought in the Iraq War. Trump then pointed out Biden’s other son, Hunter, and talked about his past drug addiction alleged corrupt business deals.

Climate change was another topic, mainly the Green Deal, which aims to make America more environmentally friendly. While Trump said the deal is too expensive for Americans to pay for and accused Biden of wanting to spend trillions on it, Biden denied the Green Deal and says he has a plan to help stop climate change.

The moderator, Chris Wallace, struggled multiple times to keep the debate on track and stop interruptions. The debate continued with disturbances and intrusions from the candidates, leaving many Americans upset with the event.

The second Presidential debate will be on Thursday, Oct. 15- topics of this debate have not been released. As of now, the debate scheduled for this Thursday has been cancelled.