Destiny 2: Forsaken


The hunt begins Photo Credit: Business Insider

Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

By: Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

Since its rocky start in September of 2014, “Destiny” has always been a controversial series. The initial game had well developed mechanics, but under-performing voice actors, repetitive missions, and an almost absent story. Bungie announced two downloadable expansions to keep people on board. The first was awful with barely any content, and the second was dedicated to cleaning up the game in general. The third was an overall great DLC that added a lot of game-play and changes, but was followed up by a fourth expansion that was good, but lacking content. After these four downloadable expansions, a sequel was announced, with many people believed that the franchise was finally looking to be an actually good series. However, “Destiny 2” was a large step back for the franchise, with a visible but boring story, unlikable characters, and plot lines that never went anywhere. Following the first games DLC structure, the first expansion was awful and lacking original content, the second expansion was dedicated to emergency fixes for the game, and the third to making the game fun and interesting again.

One of the final bosses is located in The Watchtower, shown above. Photo credit: Artstation

“Forsaken” is the third expansion for “Destiny 2” and possibly the best of all content in the “Destiny” franchise. Besides having a good story with actual interesting characters, Forsaken also creates something any other expansion or game couldn’t create; a living, changing, world. Events change the world around you, and not just ones the player participates in. For example, the first completion of the raid, the hardest end game challenge, sent out a curse on one of the expansion’s locations, and caused it to have a new look, new enemies, and new missions. Although a complaint would be that the leveling requirements for some of the activities are a bit high, but nothing a little grinding would not take care of. In all, “Forsaken” is what the “Destiny” franchise should strive for, and has earned a rating of 9/10 for its overall great quality.

*Minor Story Spoilers*

Forsaken starts in the Prison of Elders, a jail for the toughest enemies to ever attack The Reef. The Reef is an asteroid belt and populated spaceship graveyard. When a breakout occurs, a guardian of earth and their mentor Cayde-6 are called in to investigate and clean it up. However, it all goes wrong when Cayde’s ghost, an artificial construct that can resurrect guardians, is destroyed, and your mentor is shot and killed. It is up to the guardian to hunt down the alien leaders who killed him and their leader, a mad character from the first game named Uldren Sov. A revenge story, plain and simple, but is made better by the fleshed out characters, and a subplot that things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Whether new to “Destiny” or a returning player, “Forsaken” is worth the time. Eyes up guardian.