All things and classical strings: Megan Watters


Practicing Smartly! Junior Megan Watters practices one of her pieces for the school orchestra. Watters has been an avid player since the 6th grade and contributed to the orchestra’s Excellence grade. “I believe practice makes perfect, but it has be 100% dedicated practice,” said Watters.

Denny Lu, Editor

The music must go on! Junior Megan Watters was raised on the values of dedication, passion and kindness. She shares this passion in the ensemble, on stage and in the classroom. After six years of being a perfectionist musician, her desire to be attached to music sparks the internal flame since her 12-year-old self.

Orchestra has been in Watters’s blood since the 6th grade, fueled by the excitement to pick up an instrument and learn a new skill. Although she did not come from a musician’s family, her hands were ready to pick up an instrument and start playing! After six years of passionate playing, she has reached the epitome of her school orchestra career, winning awards in MPA and even being the first chair of many concerts. Growing emotionally attached to her violin has been sentimental for her success in the activity and her identity.

“Playing violin allows me to express myself freely! I move with the music, and the music moves me,” remarked Watters. “What has inspired me to go this far in an activity are the people I am with. Mrs. Eskilson has been super supportive in what I do in school and class!”

If I can make a difference in the life of another person, through my service or my playing, it will be the greatest reward. Even if it’s just a simple smile!”

— Megan Watters

Supporting herself with peers and friends leads to Watters having a balanced life outside of school as well. Her dedication and focus can be seen off-stage in the causes she cares about deeply. Many examples of her other activities include volunteering and community activism both at school and at home.

More recently, Watters was elected to serve as secretary for Key Club, an international service organization dedicated to connecting high schoolers with volunteering opportunities. These past months, Watters trained tirelessly to ensure she served her elected position while attending board meetings, club workshops and community service projects.

“Helping others is an important interest of mine. Every week, I take time out of my day to make sure that others are served,” said Watters.

Part of this commitment to service is in her dedication to helping a generation younger than hers through a revolutionary partnership with Your Advance, a local non-profit tutoring economically-disadvantaged families. In this endeavor, Watters and 20 other high school scholars embarked on a challenge to fill the void in learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, by stepping up to the plate to mentor these students in a journey for success and beneficial learning.

One of her Your Advance leaders, Family Communications Director Maria Alonzo praises Watters’s reputation amongst families.

“Megan really delivers hope to our students by showing them what’s possible through each tutoring session. She is a valuable asset on our team,” stated Alonzo.

Most importantly, Watters finds value in all these activities. This shines a light on the character and selflessness that she feels we need more in this world.