Canes in the Courtyard- Changing Modalities


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Did you request to switch Modalities, and if so to which one?

Danica Kormansek (Five Day)- “I chose to stay a five day students because in the end it is just easier for me than anything else.”

Jordan Dixon (Online)- “I am currently doing full time online and I am doing the same for next quarter. It is easier for me to be able to do my school work from my own home and I can plan it around my schedule. I also allows me to work more at my job.”

Carissa Heuer (Five Day)- “No I didn’t (switch modalities) because I learn better in class. It forces me to do my work and, like, less distractions.”

Danielle Clowds (Hybrid A)- “I did change modalities, and I chose full online because I was supposed to be a different one anyways and they never changed me (she requested to change back at the start of the school year)…. my family suffers from bad health, I don’t want to risk their health even more; and it’s just easier for me to go full online.”

Alex Bonadio- Biggs (Hybrid A)- “I have requested to go into full online learning because I find I get my work time three times as fast and I get to do it at my own time.”

Caeleb Yetter (Hybrid B)- “I do plan on requesting to change my learning mode. Hybrid has proven to be more difficult than I thought. The mix of submitting some things online, but others in person has led to many assignments being marked late, and not graded. So I plan on going full online that way everything is consistent.”

Julissa Gonzales (Hybrid A)-“No, I decided to stay hybrid, just because I am able to have three days off campus.”

Manelly Goudette (Five Day)- “I decided to stay the same because I can catch up easier on work, and also I get more sleep.”

Beverly Delarosa (Hybrid A)- “I stayed the same  because its easier for me, having three days off and doing two schooldays on.

Erika Campbell (Five Day)-  “I stayed 5 day because it worked, and is working, really well for me… im able to focus on my school work and balance everything easier rather than online when I am most likely to get distracted and get off task.”