Xbox Series X/S


Ladayle Clark, Staff Reporter

With November coming up, two new gaming consoles are coming out. The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. These two new generation consoles have some similarities and differences.

The Xbox Series X  is expected to be $499 when released. This is the most powerful Xbox console created ever. The original color for it will be black. It will support True 4k gaming, up to 120fps (frames per second), 8k HDR(High Dynamic Range) with Xbox Velocity Architecture: this will make the console run extremely fast without interrupting playtime. It will come with 1 Tb of storage with availability to use external hard drives. It Will also allow 4K Blu-ray entertainment for all of your movie needs.

The Xbox Series S is expected to be $299 when released. The original color will be white, and it will be all digital, which means it is disc-free, so all game purchases will have to be installed. It is also the smallest Xbox ever, being 60% smaller than the Series X. It will support 1440p at up to 120fps with 512 GB of storage with the ability to use external hard drives.

Both new consoles will come with a slightly upgraded version of the current generation Xbox One controller. With new things such as a share button for easier screenshots and gaming clips. It will also have an upgraded D-pad and analog sticks for even more comfort. Plus, both console will be able to use the current generation controllers if you need to.

Console Wars– Ps5 wins the poll for most likely bought next-generation console. IGN posted this poll for the debate between the two popular consoles PlayStation and Xbox. Eriel Crispin,11, said “I’ve been playing Xbox since a kid, so I am definitely getting the new Xbox.”

When it comes to playing video games, the two consoles will have backward compatibility allowing you to play games from 2005 up until now. It will enable you to play some of the classic  Xbox  games such , the Halo series, the Fable series, and the Bioshock series. Plus both consoles have Smart Delivery, a feature that will let you buy select games and have that game for the next generation of Xbox consoles. This will help you build your video game collection more  and cheaper than previous generations.

The new consoles’ accessories are the same as the previous generation. With accessories such as Bluetooth or wired headsets, external hard drives, rechargeable battery packs for your controller, and much more. Accessories will give you extra benefits to your gaming experience.

The consoles are expected to be released on Nov 10 and are expected to sell out in a few hours so get them as fast as you can. If you are a hardcore gamer, I would suggest getting the more powerful Series X, but if you are more of a laid back gamer, I would recommend the slightly less powerful Series S.