Amaya DeVries, Staff Reporter

From 1900s until present day, Halloween is celebrated on Oct 31 across the US.  People of all ages dress up in costumes of anything imaginable. Typically, children and teens go door-to-door trick-or-treating, receiving candy. This year, Halloween is different; COVID-19 has caused places to shut down and questions whether to trick-or-treating is safe. Popular Halloween attractions such as Halloween Horror Nights are no longer occurring. Many families will keep their doors closed this year, leaving few events available for having fun this year.

Halloween on S. Lime Ave

Although it may not be the same as trick-or-treating, Halloween on S. Lime Ave is a spooky, drive-through, cul-de-sac designed for families to have fun as well as keep distance from others. This year is the first time this event has taken place. The majority of the display in this event is homemade, and there are animatronics, such as a mouse that comes out of a can.

Elln Hagney, a member of the team, stated, “Simple things can be put together to turn into a completely different creature, such as tomato cages, masks, and Spanish moss which turn into swamp monsters.”

The creators of this event incorporate technology into their art and even use technology from the Victorian Era. There will be fire-breathing pumpkins, glowing spider eggs, robots and more. On their website, you can even purchase a tombstone with a name. This event is designed for families, so there will be no gory scenes. There is expected to be around 150 cars and 250 children. This event has no cost, and treats will be given from a safe distance.

Open: Oct 29-31  Hours: 7-10 pm

Address: 133 S. Lime Ave, Sarasota

Link to website:

 Hunsader Farms

For 29 years, Hunsader Farms has held the Pumpkin Festival. This event is also family-friendly, and masks are recommended but not required. There are twenty-seven different activities to participate in while attending, such as craft shows, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and the banana derby (some activities are free with admission).

There will be shows/performances such as Rye Road Band, BMX Stunt Show, Wade Henry, and Walker Brother’s Circus. The Rye Road Band plays a mix of country and rock. They travel and perform in central and south parts of Florida. The BMX Stunt Show is where professional BMX riders perform mind-blowing tricks off ramps, hills, and objects, such as flips or jumps. Wade Henry is a world-street performer who interacts very well with his crowd. During his show, you can expect to see mind-boggling tricks such as juggling different objects at the same time (even on fire object), one wheel cycle, balancing a table on his face, and even swallowing flaming objects.

On Oct 25, There will also be a costume contest for children ages 0-12 for a prize. The children will go to the Pepsi booth in the kid’s game area at different times of the day, based on their age group. A surprise will be announced after all the children have been judged and entered for the contest. After the contest, children dressed in costumes will then be able to trick-or-treat from 3-5 pm.

Open: Oct 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 Hours: 9 am-5 pm

Admission: $10 Parking: $5

*Children 10 & under are free*

Address: 5500 CR 675, Bradenton, FL 34211

Link to website: