AWE Self Defense


Mary-Grace Graham, Editor

Triumph Martial Arts holds a self defense program designed specifically for women called “AWE.” Through this, women learn maneuvers that can be used in the real world and how to avoid troublesome situations to begin with. This course focuses both on the physical and mental aspects to truly change the way women think for the better.

The program consists of five sessions: one every Tuesday from 7:30pm-9:30pm for four weeks and the fifth session (graduation) held on the Friday of the fourth week. Additionally, there is a follow up meeting a few weeks after graduation (this is not a training session). Through this, many women have prepared themselves with with the tools they need to defend themselves if they are caught in an unfortunate circumstance.

The founder of this program, John Brockhoff, has been specializing in Krav Maga for 20 years. Krav Maga refers to the techniques taught throughout the course and revolves around practical self defense skills that have proven to be effective. Brockhoff has designed this program in a way to efficiently and completely show women their capabilities and equip them with effective ways to use their strength to defend themselves. While this can be mentally and physically taxing to both the workers and students, it is worth it.

“We want to empower people. We want to empower women to know that they have a voice and that they have power and strength to do as they please. They don’t have to bow down to anybody. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is stronger than they think. Everybody is worth it,” stated Brockhoff.

Along with Brockhoff are other dedicated workers who give their all to this program. One of these people is Jodi O’Meara. O’Meara has been there since the beginning of the program and she has watched it grow over the years.

“I hope that all women know that when they are startled that they can do more than freeze. I want them to know that there are options out there and that they can fight and if they have not fought in the past, it is because of how the brain works. It is not their fault. In the future, they will know how to fight and defend themselves,” stated O’Meara.


Ella Emmrich (10), a recent graduate of this program is grateful for the experience and knowledge she now has.

“By taking this class, I have realized what our world has come to and that has helped me to become more aware of my surroundings to begin with.” Stated Emmrich.


All in all, AWE has already impacted so many lives and will continue to do so as the program continues and evolves. It is open to women of all ages although mental maturity should be taken into account. Along with this specific program, there are additional Krav Maga classes open to anyone. Information will be linked below.


Phone number: (941) 545-8222

Facebook link: click here

Address: 4725 Lena Rd #107, Bradenton, FL 34211