Homecoming Poster Making Party


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, in Building 9, the Art Club had a meeting to create posters for this year’s Spirit Week. Participants of the club were from different modalities and were temperature checked before being let in. Members who showed up formed into groups to complete the large posters and required to wear masks at all time. The Art Club offered to design posters to get student’s excited and informed about the upcoming Spirit Week. This was the first meeting with an order of business to complete a project for the community; the goal of this club is to create art and spread it through Manatee County for citizens to enjoy.

A finished poster from yesterday’s meeting, displaying the themes of Spirit Week. The Art Club planned to make more during class because they didn’t finish all of them at the meeting.

The list of Spirit Week themes were handed out on paper to the members so they could begin the planning process. It’s still not confirmed when the posters will be placed up, but the plan is to have a poster for each building and extras for the courtyard and other areas.