(Image Credit: NVIDIA).
(Image Credit: NVIDIA).

NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 Series GPUs and Scalpers

October 30, 2020

On the first day of Sept, NVIDIA shared their latest graphics cards/GPUs (a second processor that renders the graphics) powered by Ampere, their second generation RTX architecture. Two years after the RTX 2000 series were released, the promise NVIDIA is making with their new cards are enticing content creators, gamers, and various developers. They kept the RTX and labeled them as: RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090.

NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series GPUs (Terms and Definition Below)

  • CUDA cores
    • GPU cores.
  • Shader-TFLOPS
    • Think of it as GPU compute power.
    • Cores for ray tracing, ray tracing is a technique to simulate light like in the real world.
  • Tensor-TFLOPS
    • Cores for artificial intelligence processes like DLSS, DLSS is an upscaling technology based around the use of AI to get better resolution and maintain good frames per second.
  • VRAM
    • Memory for your GPU.


  • GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition – 5888 CUDA cores, 20 Shader-TFLOPS, 40 RT-TFLOPS, 163 Tensor-TFLOPS, 8 GB GDDR6 VRAM, and priced at $499.00.
  • GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition– 8704 CUDA cores, 30 Shader-TFLOPS, 58 RT-TFLOPS, 238 Tensor-TFLOPS, 10 GB GDDR6X VRAM, and priced at $699.00.
  • GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition– 10496 CUDA cores, 36 Shader-TFLOPS, 69 RT-TFLOPS, 285 Tensor-TFLOPS, 24 GB GDDR6X VRAM, and priced at $1499.00.

    Greatest generational leap! Viewers are surprised to see the price cut and performance per value compared to previous generations. NVIDIA already had great performances with their cards, but history has shown many were costly until today. CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang stated, “Ampere is the biggest generational leap we’ve ever had.” (Image Credit: NVIDIA).

When one person flourishes, another suffers defeat. Consumers who have recently bought the RTX 2080 Ti are in anguish as they are conflicted with the 3070 and 3080. But it was to be expected because the RTX 3000 series is the second generation from the RTX 2000 series. Usually, the second generation gets a more significant leap because the first generation is all about development and the second generation is the culmination of everything gained. The 3070 is a must for those with a budget in mind, the 3080 is for those looking higher-end gaming and content creation, and the 3090 is for the enthusiasts and heavy workers.

The 3080 launched on Sept. 17, and the 3090 launched on Sept. 24. Currently, the 3070 has been pushed back to Oct. 29, so more can be produced. Essentially the launches for the GPUs have been a catastrophe because of scalpers (those who look to profit from the low supply and high demand) and the limited amount that exists.

Bigger than it looks. Many of the GPUs are selling at incredible speed due to botting from scalpers. Minutes after their launch, each GPU was selling like hotcakes. NVIDIA stated, “We have great supply – just not for this level of demand.” (Image Credit: NVIDIA).

It is also predicted that the 3070 will suffer the same fate as its fellow siblings and one can only hope for the scalpers to be punished. The current system isn’t currently enough a majority of consumers haven’t gotten their hands on the cards.

Fortunately, AMD will be taking the stage tomorrow on Oct. 28, 2020, to reveal their RX 6000 series GPUs. Many are hoping this can rival NVIDIA in performance and beat them in availability.

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