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2019-2020 Staff

Noah Quillan


Noah is a senior in high school with huge ambitions and lots of positive energy, striving to be the best person he can possibly be. Having passions in culinary, journalism, and meteorology, he wants to...

Kaitlyn Schafer

Reviews editor

Kaitlyn Schafer is a senior at Manatee High. She is currently the reviews, editorials, and features editor for the MACOHI Newspaper and a midfielder for the MHS Varsity soccer team. She loves chocolate...

Sandra Martinez

Staff Reporter

Sandra likes to read books. Her favorite candy is dark chocolate. Sandra enjoys to sketch in her free time. After High School she would like to go to college for psychology.

Joshua Sheperd

Staff Reporter

Joshua Shepherd is a junior at Manatee High School, and a new addition to the Macohi team this school year. His hobbies include working with cars and computers, playing violin and guitar, and traveling. He also ...

Dallis Mullett

Staff Reporter

Dallis Mullett is a Sophomore who is new to the Macohi Staff. She loved writing creative stories when she was younger and her love for research and recording her finds has lead her to join the school newspaper....

Jocelyn Leal

Staff Reporter

Jocelyn Leal is a freshman and it is her second year on the Macohi staff and is now an editor. Outside of school, she likes reading, drawing and playing both softball and basketball. Leal is has high...